Why Study in Germany

Germany is one of the fast-emerging destinations to study abroad. In terms of location, Germany is located at the heart of Europe with approximately 83 million inhabitants spread across 16 constituent states.  Moreover, Germany is enlisted as the world’s fourth and fifth largest economy globally by nominal GDP and GDP PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) and a leading exporter of machinery, vehicles, chemicals, and household equipment. Germany is a world leader in innovation, boasting leading universities and research institutes alongside major engineering, IT and manufacturing industries.

Germany has led the world of Science and Technology and has had many stalwart scientists that significantly impacted the course of science. Germany has produced a long list of revolutionary inventions, such as the automobile, the airbag, X-ray technology, Aspirin, the computer, the chip card to name a few. Germany is a highly ranked and most popular study destination for international students because of its research community shaped by German universities, world-class education, exciting urban life submerged in panoramic landscapes, and welcoming culture with people from all over the globe. 

Reasons for Germany as ultimate Destination

  • Low tuition fee
  • Top ranked universities
  • Cost of living is relatively affordable
  • Wide variety of Programs
  • Cultural Diversity
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