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We provide the best services in business as superscribed below

Academic Counseling

An informed made academic decision leads towards a successful career. We modify your ways for best academic design based on prior education, interest, strength and weakness.

Admission Securing

We make sure instant admission process through close collaboration with education institutes. Our counselors are best equipped with the knowledge of eligibility criteria and latest university/college policies to avoid unnecessary delays in admission process.

Case Filing & Representation

As authorized representative, we prepare your detail file and submit your case to respective institution in a proper manner.

Face to Face Consultation

Face to Face consultation gives an opportunity to students to meet our experts, who assist and offer them proper guidance about their career.

Case Regular Updates & Follow-up

Assigned counselor updates you regarding any change in rules and regulations related to your case and follow-up with universities/colleges.

Visa Processing & Financial Guidance

We focus in providing a hassle free visa processing & financial guidance by experts to ambitious students.

Training & Development

We focus in providing applied educational training for professionals and teachers in the field of education. We are working closely with various international partners to provide teachers training and organize professional development programs.

Onshore Accommodation & Post Landing Services

We provide services related to accommodation and arrange pickup service from airport to the institution or any other particular place.


We offer a broad range of event management including particular conferences in the field of special education and general education. We are capable of organizing local, regional and international conferences through our well established international links. These conferences are aimed to increase knowledge, awareness and build capacities in the field of education.

Selection of Institute

Selection of universities and colleges is on the basis of student’s personal choice, academic preferences and financial capacity.

Tutor Availability

Highly qualified Tutor for all areas of education are available

Words from Director

Dear Students,

I welcome you at OPEN Overseas (Pvt.) Ltd- a name of devotion, trust and experience. With obligation to our job, we are accountable for the engagement of right candidate in a best fit international university/college. At OPEN Overseas (Pvt.) Ltd., every counselor is well furnished with latest information about eligibility criteria and admission policies of foreign universities and colleges. We provide a friendly and exciting environment for the students to deal with their fears of studying abroad. Furthermore, it is pleasure for us to counselor the academic path of a student in foreign universities and colleges.

Our team endorses the provision of best possible professional services for dealing matters related to student’s foreign education. We look forward to serve you at our office.

Best wishes for your future endeavor, 


OPEN Overseas (Pvt.) Ltd.

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